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My Tutor and Me’s Frequently Asked Questions

Are your teachers certified?
My Tutor and Me tutors are all degreed professionals, and most hold CT or NY teaching certification in their areas of expertise.  All tutors are interviewed personally by MTAM owners and directors Shannon or Fred Converse.

Where does tutoring take place?
Most tutoring takes place at the convenience of the student’s home. Sometimes clients elect to meet tutors at a local library, or other mutually convenient place. 

Am I required to sign up for a minimum number of lessons?
No long-term contracts are required. After the initial session takes place, your tutor will make a recommendation regarding the frequency and length of upcoming tutoring sessions. Some clients prefer to meet their tutors once or twice per week; others work together more often. It all depends on your personal goals! 

How long is each session? 
We require that tutoring sessions be a minimum of 1 hour, and this is the typical length for most of our clients. Older students (high school and adult) sometimes work together for up to 2 hours at once when working on projects, or preparing for big tests. 

What are your rates?
Our rates are competitive with the industry, and vary based on the type of tutoring required. We also offer a plan that offers one free hour of tutoring. Certain conditions apply. 

How do I request a tutor?
Please call us at (203) 546-7654. You can also contact us initially by email at or complete the Tutor Request Form here. We will then contact you by phone. We will complete a short intake with you to gather necessary information that will enable us to match you with just the right tutor. We can usually prepare to refer a tutor within 48 hours.

What is a “no-risk” first lesson?
We strive to make ideal student-tutor matches. After your initial session, if you feel that the “fit” is not quite right, we will replace the tutor at no additional cost to you. When we make the perfect match, we are happy to apply the cost of your first lesson to the purchase of a discounted block of tutoring time.

Did we answer your question?
If you have a question for My Tutor and Me, e-mail us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible or call us at (203) 655-6826.


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