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The History of Our Home Tutoring Service

Dear Parents and Educators,

Many have questioned why we wished to start a home tutoring service. Here is our story!

Fred had formerly served Viacom’s Showtime division in New York City for nearly 20 years. He later capitalized on an opportunity to work from his home in CT as an executive for an online cable industry information service. The company eventually fell victim to the familiar “dotcom” disappearances of the time; and Fred was now left with a decision to make: accept a new job offer back in the city, or switch gears to something entirely new. He had come to appreciate the flexibility of working from home, and more importantly, the opportunity to share valuable time with his twin sons – at home and in school – as they started Kindergarten. He had always wanted to run his own business, and decided that now would be the right time to pursue his dream.

Shannon was teaching in NY and finishing her graduate studies at that time, and was fully supportive of Fred’s venture into the entrepreneurial world! We initially worked with a franchise coach, assuming that would be a franchise operation would be logical direction to take. But, we could not find any opportunities that appealed to us – or any into which we felt we could invest our heart and soul. Given Shannon’s teaching background and Fred’s strong interest in his own kids, especially as they were starting school, we started finding ourselves being drawn to businesses concerned with education and children, and a home tutoring service seemed perfect. As our research and discussions evolved, we ultimately realized that if we really wanted to do it right and to shape our own future – without franchise or corporate edicts – then we would need to fight the odds and do it ourselves!

Thus, My Tutor and Me was founded in August 2002 in response to a local demand for highly qualified tutors to address students' unique academic needs and learning styles. We felt strongly that providing this learning experience in a controlled, consistent environment within the student's home would yield the most positive results.

We are looking forwarding to working with you!

Best Regards,

Fred & Shannon



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