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Fairfield County, CT
and Westchester County, NY



in-home tuturing services

Our Tutoring Service Matches the Best Tutors in Fairfield County, CT with Your Student.

We are bringing on tutors everyday, some of whom are profiled below:

Lower and Upper Fairfield County, CT

>> Lower Fairfield County, CT

Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Chitra Annikki  

Special Education (incl. Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, reading, math, and more)

Lindsey Michline Sarah Karen

Math Tutoring (incl. Basic through College Level Calculus)

Cathy M. Sylvia Bozidar John K
Jonathan Michael Cheng

Science Tutoring (incl. Physics, Bio, Chem, Earth Science, and more)

Sylvia Amy A. Bozidar Jonathan
Bonnie Cheng Howard

English, Writing, College Admission Essays

Howard Rick Michelle B. Chitra
Cheng Heather L. Drew  

History, Economics, Government

Rick Howard Cheng Gretchen
Jonathan Heather L. Lindsey  

Standardized Test Preparation (incl SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and more)

Carl Rick Sylvia Chitra
Rick Howard Heather L. Cheng

World Languages/ESL (Spahish, French, Latin, Mandarin, and more)

Beth Xiomara Gretchen Rick
Howard Hector Cheng


>> Upper Fairfield County, CT

Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Meghann Karen DeAnna

Special Education (incl. Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, reading, math, and more)

Nadine Karen    

Math Tutoring (incl. Basic through College Level Calculus)

Sylvia Asya Jonathan John K
Michael Corri  

Science Tutoring (incl. Physics, Bio, Chem, Earth Science, and more)

Sylvia Jay L. Jonathan  

English, Writing, College Essays

Rick Michelle B. Howard Karen
Drew Irene Heather

History, Economics, Government

Rick Heather Howard Jonathan
Gretchen Jay L.    

Standardized Test Preparation (incl SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, and more)

Carl Jonathan Sylvia Rick
Howard John K    

World Languages/ESL (Spahish, French, Latin, Mandarin, and more)

Beth Xiomara Gretchen Hector
Rick Howard  

Special Areas

Art Tutoring: Karen, Chitra

ADD Coaching:

Business Education Tutoring, Accounting Tutoring: Cathy M.

Research Skills, Note-Taking, Organizational Skills: Heather L.

Theatre Arts Tutoring, Acting Tutoring: Drew

College Admission Counseling: Carl



Cathy M: Middle & High School Mathematics, SAT Math, Business Education, Accounting
Special Areas: Business Education Tutoring, Accounting Tutoring

tutor_math_fairfield_countyCathy holds Connecticut State certification in Middle School Mathematics and Secondary School Business Education having earned her Masters of Education with a 3.975 GPA at the University of Bridgeport. Currently a teacher and tutor in middle/high school mathematics in addition to tutoring students in preparation for the math portion of the SAT, Cathy made a career transition from the business world after several years as a controller and accountant in several large firms.

Now, in her role as an experienced high school (who gets high grades from her students), Cathy integrates her passion and skill for teaching plus her business acumen to give her students a practical and stimulating learning experience. In fact, Cathy is a previous recipient of "Teacher of the Year" awarded by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Cathy started with My Tutor and Me at our inception in 2002. She has consistently been a favorite of all of the many the families she works with. In fact, Cathy has tutored 3 children in one family since 2004 throughout each of their high school years in several math subjects, including SAT Math prep..

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Chitra: Elementary Ed, ISEE, SSAT, Study & Organizational Skills, Reading, Writing, Research Skills, Report Writing
Special Area: Art Tutoring

elementary education tutor, research skills tutor, writing tutorChitra holds a Masters Degree in Humanities and an undergraduate degree in English & History. She has earned teacher certification in Connecticut (K-6), New York and California in Elementary Ed., and Art Education (K-12) in New York.

Sensitive to the classroom teacher’s daunting task of bringing out the best in each individual student in a highly competitive academic environment, Chitra feels that many potentially good students will inevitably fall behind; while others may slack off from being under-stimulated, hence leading to a detrimental complacency. Chitra (having grown up in India where the benefits of one-on-one instruction have long been appreciated) adapts to her student’s learning style and pace, identifies existing weaknesses and “holes” in grasping of the current coursework, and then applies a tailored approach to build the student’s skills and confidence.

Chitra’s classroom experience includes several years teaching elementary grades in Connecticut, New York and California, and she has tutored children from elementary through middle school in study, organizational and research skills. Well-versed in teaching all elementary level subjects, Chitra’s specializes in writing (including report writing) in addition to study and org skills – and ART. Chitra has headed up after-school art programs and other children’s art workshops. Chitra has also been a counselor for the Connecticut Parents as Teachers Program.

Chitra has recently embarked on teaching meditation for school age children to develop life-long skills to deal with stress.

Beyond teaching and tutoring, Chitra is a professional painter who is constantly working on new methods of abstract expressionism and participating in local art shows. She is widely traveled in Asia and Europe always bringing back mementoes to share with her students.

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DeAnna: Elementary Ed

DeAnna specializes in working with primary grade children on building and enriching the basic fundamentals of learning. She has been teaching and tutoring in Fairfield County since 2003 specializing in reading and math. Previously, she taught first and second grade and worked in a rehabilitation academic and social program with autistic children. She has been associated with My Tutor and Me since 2004.

DeAnna is certified to teach grades K-5. She graduated Cum Laude from Arizona State University in December 2001.

Carl: SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, GMAT, GRE, GED, Praxis, Middle & High School Math through Algebra 2/Geometry, College Admission Counseling

SAT tutor, ACT tutor, ISEE tutor, SSAT tutor, GMAT tutorCarl has many years of experience in successfully preparing high school students for their SATs; and for independent school aspirants, preparing those students for the SSAT or ISEE. His work in test prep started with a well-known national company in 1999 as an instructor for the SAT, ISEE, SSAT and GMAT, in addition to doing college admission counseling. Carl has since developed his own SAT prep product, which has met with considerable success, and which he incorporates in his work with students through My Tutor and Me. He has been tutoring with My Tutor and Me since 2006 during which time he has been consistenly praised by the families with whom he has worked.

As with many highly successfully educators, Carl's entry into the field followed an active career in sales, marketing and finance as an executive for several firms. His focus then evolved into sharing his background and knowledge as a teacher in these areas through adjunct professorships at New York University and Colorado Technical University. As a Lecturer in Management at Baruch College, Carl was awarded the 2003 Teaching Excellence Award. It was during this time that he started to develop his proprietary SAT product that he uses with his students today.

Carl received is MBA from Harvard Business School, and graduated from Harvard College, cum laude, with a Bachelors in Economics. He now lives with his wife and high school daughter in Fairfield County. When not immersed in academics, Carl enjoys playing tennis and bridge. Never at a loss for words, you can also find Carl solving - and creating - crossword puzzles!

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Heather L: AP US History; Writing; Note-Taking & Research Skills; Test Prep; Social Studies; Study & Organizational Skills; Law; Math (through Pre-Algebra)

heather_tutorHeather made her entry into the teaching profession after having conducted a law practice and serving as staff attorney for the U.S. Court of Appeals. She earned her Masters in Teaching (3.97 GPA) from Sacred Heart University, and her Connecticut certification in Secondary Social Studies in 2007.

Heather currently teaches and designs curriculum in lower Fairfield County.  In curriculum design and implementation, Heather employs a comprehensive learning approach integrating both technological and traditional strategies.  Critical to Heather’s previous professional experience, Heather fully appreciates and presses for proficiency in note-taking, organizational & study skills, and multi-faceted research skills. Heather conveys information in a variety of forms, emphasizing connections to students’ lives and their surrounding world.

Heather’s teaching and tutoring experience started in 1993 at Central Connecticut State University Tutor Corps where she worked with the professor in developing and implementing a tutor program that matched undergraduate students with high school students to increase students’ academic skills, motivation, and confidence. Heather later worked as a law school teaching assistant and one-on-one tutor.

Heather’s was recognized in Who’s Who from 1999-2001, and placed 4th in an Oral Advocacy Competition while in law school.

Heather teamed up with My Tutor and Me in August 2008, and currently tutors AP US History, Writing, note-taking & research skills, study & organizational skills, test prep, Social Studies, Law, math (up to pre-algebra), and middle school study skills.

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Amy A: Biology, General Science

biology tutor, general sciences tutorAmy is an honors graduate from Saint Francis University with a BS in Biology concentrating in Marine Biology.

Still a young educator, Amy has been driven by her appreciation for the world of biology to teach and support students of all ages. While still a college student, Amy assisted in the instruction of undergraduates in General Zoology, General Botany, Marine Biology, Anatomy, and Ecology. After graduating, Amy designed the curriculum and presented an introductory course in Marine Biology to 200 non-major students as a member of Florida International University’s Biological Sciences department, in addition to preparing instruction and creating/administering exams for laboratory sections in General Bio 1 and 2, and Intro to Marine Bio for 125 students. She has also been an environmental educator for the National Park Service while in the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi where she created and presented interactive, hands-on nature-based children’s programs focusing on local marine life and the natural resources of the Gulf Coast.

We are very now fortunate to have Amy’s expertise and educational experience in the Fairfield County area. By day, Amy’s talents are now being utilized by the area’s foremost environmental education organization where she conducts educational programs for children from Pre-K through High School about the Biology/Ecology of Long Island Sound.

Amy offers her tutorial students a demonstrated experience with working at any grade level, and a true passion for her area of expertise.

Amy balances her life with an enjoyment for outdoor sports such as beach volleyball and softball and also enjoys reading and cross stitching.

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Asya: (N. Westchester, N.E. Fairfield Cnty, § of Hudson Cnty):Adv. Mathematics incl. College Calculus, AP Calculus AB & BC, AP Statistics, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra, math sections of SAT and ACT

asya, tutor,mathAsya holds a PhD in Statistics from Stanford University, a BA in Mathematics from Harvard University, and Connecticut certification in Secondary School Mathematics. She transitioned from a career in statistics to education in 2011, and has since taught Algebra 2, Geometry, and AP Statistics in the classroom. She has also taught an enrichment curriculum to mathematically gifted middle school students and got excellent reviews from them. She has extensive tutoring experience in SAT and ACT math preparation, all high school math subjects, and college-level calculus and statistics, and enjoys working with both advanced math students who need a little extra help and students who have a history of struggling with mathematics.

For standardized test prep, Asya starts with asking the student to take a diagnostic practice exam and designs a review program based on the results. Between sessions, students are encouraged to review the material, solve additional problems, and keep taking practice exams. In the course of reviewing the results, Asya teaches specific test-taking and problem-solving strategies. Students often notice improvement from session to session. For high school and college math tutoring, Asya determines the student's weak spots based on their questions as well as tests and homework, reteaches material as needed, and fills in any holes in the student's background. She can break down complex concepts into comprehensible parts and relate them to what the student already knows. She is patient and encouraging with students. She is also able to teach advanced students who wish to explore more challenging mathematics on their own

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Michelle B: Middle/Upper School English, Language Arts (Critical Reading & Writing), Common Core working knowledge, Study Skills

english tutor, language arts tutorMichelle is a middle and upper school English/Language Arts teacher with classroom experience in the 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th grades. Certified in both CT and MA, she earned her Master's of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in 1996 at Simmons College and her BA in English in 1993 at Washington and Jefferson College. Michelle's one-on-one experience includes several years of private tutoring, after school enrichment programs, test prep programs, study-skills guidance, and independent student/teacher work within the classroom setting during writing workshops.

Having taught for over ten years in Boston, Waterford, Wilton, Fairfield and Easton, collectively, she has engaged students in critical thinking through the use of interdisciplinary unit plans, student writing portfolios, reading response journals, and peer writing workshops, as well as teaching grammar through texts and whole language. Most recently, for two school years, Michelle partnered with the middle school Reading/ Language Arts Specialist in Easton to work closely with students needing tier three reading and writing intervention. She has worked on Common Core curriculum development, and is knowledgeable on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and tests aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Of Michelle's teaching skills at a Waterford, CT middle school a principal wrote, "Her understanding of students' need for multi-modal learning with frequent varying of teaching strategies is quite evident. I was impressed by the proportion of higher order questioning she employed. Her rapport with students is also excellent -- students are treated with respect and dignity and so are willing to take intellectual risks." Her personal philosophy of teaching is one that embraces the whole child -- his abilities, his needs -- and enhances his critical independent thinking skills.

Michelle, a mother of two middle school children, has been an active member of the school PTA and local community. Outside of education, she has worked in public relations in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. She is a freelance writer, a marathon runner, and an adult literacy volunteer. She loves traveling and spending time with friends and family.

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Bozidar: AP Physics; Advanced Math including Statistics, Calculus AB & BC, Pre-Calculus, Trig, Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry

physics_calculus_tutorBozidar holds a PhD degree in Physics from Boston University that he earned for theoretical/computational research in solid state physics. He served as a teaching assistant throughout his entire post-graduate education, building up valuable teaching skills while mastering his areas of subject expertise. Bozidar earned praise and admiration for his insightful approaches in helping students at all levels to learn and strengthen their skills in various areas of physics.

After graduating in 1998, Bozidar worked in the area of quantitative research (applied math) at several finance and investment firms in analyst and then executive roles. Already a skilled teacher, Bozidar accepted positions (and continues to serve) as adjunct professor for two New York colleges; and until recently, taught advanced math and physics at an alternative NYC secondary school for highly motivated and scholastically strong students to begin their college studies two years early.

Bozidar has been tutoring advanced physics and math for over 10 years for both high school and college students. Bozidar found My Tutor and Me in the latter part of 2008, and we are extremely fortunate to have him working one-on-one with students through us.

Bozidar’s R&R includes such activities as biking, hiking, skiing, sailing, scuba diving and travel.

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Sarah: Special Education, Reading, Writing, Math, Organizational Skills, and Time Management, Grades K – 5

Sarah is a graduate of Marist College having earned her degree in Psychology, Elementary Education, and Special Education in May 2000. While Sarah attended Marist College, she was on the Dean’s List for six semesters and she was on the Crew Team. While at Marist, she was appointed to the National Dean’s List and Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. She is currently attending Teachers College, Columbia University where she is working towards a Masters of Science in Neuroscience and Education, which will eventually lead to a Doctorate. Sarah has maintained a 4.0 grade point average while attending graduate school. Sarah is a highly – qualified Connecticut and New York State Certified teacher in Special Education. She is also certified in New York State to teach Elementary Education. She has been teaching Special Education K – 5 for eight years in Fairfield County since August 2000. Recently, Sarah was honored and appointed to Cambridge Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals as a lifetime member.

Sarah is an experienced, highly motivated, and energetic Special Education Teacher who would jump “leaps and bounds” for her students and parents. Everyday, she puts her heart and soul into teaching a variety of students with special needs. She closely works with students who have severe to moderate Learning Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Downs Syndrome. Sarah provides direct instruction and support to her students throughout their school day in the areas of reading decoding, reading comprehension, written expression, mathematics, social skills, and organization using a plethora of programs and strategies. Throughout her experiences, Sarah has developed a multitude of multi-sensory instructional strategies using programs such as Wilson Reading, Seeing Stars, and Preventing Academic Failure. She is able to implement strategies from the Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop model. Sarah is skilled in numerous math programs and has used Touch Math to assist students with memory deficits. She also has numerous years of successful experience tutoring students in a one to one setting in the areas of reading, written expression, mathematics, organization, and time management. Sarah thrives to share her love of learning with her students, both in the classroom and one to one.

During her spare time, Sarah enjoys reading, traveling, going to the beach, exercising, and spending time with her family. She also loves to take long walks with her dog, Henley!

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Jonathan: SAT Math sections, ACT Math & Science sections, ISEE & SSAT Math sections; SAT Subj, Tests in Biology & Chemistry ; AP Biology, Chemistry, Calculus AB & BC, Economics & Statistics; Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry

Math Tutoring, SAT Tutor, SSAT math tutor, biology tutor, chemistry tutor, AP economics tutor, algebra tutor, geometry tutorJonathan is a 2003 graduate of the University of Chicago with a dual degree in Biological Sciences and Economics. Since returning to Connecticut, Jonathan has applied his knowledge and experience in both the healthcare industry and academic support areas.

An accomplished and highly disciplined student in his own rite, Jonathan teaches his students how to reduce complex information into tractable concepts in providing content support for his specialties in math, science and economics. For standardized test prep, such as the SAT Reasoning and Subject exams, Jonathan typically starts with content review, and then focuses on practice exams to reinforce retention as well as test-taking strategies. Jonathan, in all of his instruction, clearly defines the necessary steps that need to happen between sessions to achieve the desired end results. While a student himself, he scored 780 on the SAT II Biology exam and a 5 (out of 5) on the AP exam.

Jonathan has been actively tutoring through My Tutor and Me® since February 2006. His combination of expertise in the areas of math, biology, chemistry and economics, in addition to his well-cultivated experience in test prep for SAT, SAT 2 and others, has been a big plus for the families with whom he has worked. Jonathan will be the first to say that he expects his students to make outstanding progress in their work together; and that a key component of that success comes from his students’ commitment to fully engage in the process, especially with between-session exercises.

Jonathan rounds out his daily activities as often as possible by running and training in martial arts.

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Howard: College Essay Writing Guidance, Latin, English, Essay Writing,
AP US History, World Studies, Math through Algebra 1

tutor_Latin_writingHoward is a graduate of Yale University, after which he pursued a successful senior level career in business. In the mid-nineties, he earned a Master of Arts degree in American Studies at Columbia University and, subsequently, embarked on a teaching and tutoring career.

Howard has five children, three with graduate degrees (one Ph.D.), a doctoral candidate and a senior at Brown University. His teaching background includes Latin, history and English at a highly regarded independent school in Fairfield County, and has had excellent results with his students through My Tutor and Me. Howard also has a strong background in prepping students for the GRE, GED and Praxis

Howard has been tutoring with My Tutor and Me since 2006, and has consistently proven himself a highly effective instructor, professional, and sensitive to the varied learning styles of his students.

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Sylvia: Physics, Earth and General Science, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra, SAT Math & SAT 2 Physics

Sylvia is a high school science teacher in Fairfield County. She is state certified in physics for grades 7-12 and has a rich teaching experience, including preparing students for the SAT Math and SAT subject test in Physics. Sylvia believes in full collaboration among students, parents and educators to enhance student learning. Sylvia taught students of various abilities, from gifted to special needs. One of her former students has a PhD in Physics from Wesleyan University; others are physics teachers, engineers, and doctors. In the last four years she has also educated special needs and ELL students. She has tutored homebound students through her school's district.

Sylvia is currently pursuing a post-Master degree in Science Education at Southern Connecticut State University. She earned her Master Degree in Education from Fairfield University with a GPA of 3.85 and a Bachelor Degree in Physics from the University of Bucharest.

Besides spending time with family and friends, Sylvia enjoys bike riding, reading, and traveling.

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Drew: College Essay Prep, Writing — Middle School, High School, College and Adults, English & Language Arts
Special Areas: Theatre Arts Tutoring, Acting Tutoring

english tutor, language arts tutor, writing tutorDrew provides writing and critical thinking tutoring in all subjects. He received his Master's degree in teaching from Sacred Heart University and he is highly skilled in preparing students for the new CT Common Core standards and rigorous SBAC assessments.

Since graduating cum laude with honors from The Lawrenceville School and Yale University (where he was awarded the Saybrook Fellows Prize), Drew has been an award-winning professional writer with many credits as a playwright, screenwriter, and published author, as well as an actor and director. Emulating the wonderful teachers who have inspired him, Drew has been teaching English and Language Arts in the CT public schools and tutoring students in middle school, high school, and college, as well as adults in all aspects of writing, language arts, theatre arts, and acting (including preparation for auditions and public speaking).

A faculty team leader writes of Drew’s ability to “make classes fun and challenging” and that his “subject area strengths, combined with creative instincts, led to lessons that engaged students, provided a variety of perspectives, and required students to stretch intellectually.” And a principal writes of his “positive rapport with his students,” his ability “to develop effective lesson plans that intertwine concepts, content, and skills effectively,” and that “it is evident he is committed to each student’s success.”

Drew’s goal as a teacher and tutor is to inspire and build confidence, while motivating students to achieve their full potential. Case in point, a My Tutor and Me client has these words regarding Drew's work with her son in college essay prep: "...we are so grateful for all that you have accomplished with Chuck in such a short amount of time. He feels so much more confident after his sessions with you, knowing there is a way to edit or correct his drafts." She adds that "his English teacher, Guidance counselor and a [major newspaper editor friend] thought [the essays] were amazing. Some thought they were the best essays they had seen on those subjects" and concludes, "I wanted you to know how absolutely blown away everyone has been with Chuck's essays - you deserve much of the credit. Thank you very, very much!"

Drew is a member of the Writers Guild of America, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Theatre Artists Workshop. He lives in Fairfield County with his wife and children.

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John K - (areas above Merrit Pkwy, N. Westchester County): AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra, Physics, Math sections of SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, ISEE, and SSAT math_SAT_physics

John is a graduate of Tufts University, School of Engineering. After pursuing a successful career in mechanical engineering for over 25 years, he earned a Master of Science in Education degree from University of Bridgeport to pursue a second career in math education. His teaching background includes algebra and remedial math at an urban middle school. He has been working full-time for over four years in one-to-one math tutoring.

John is proficient at all levels of math from middle school to high school. He has consistently proved himself as an effective instructor, sensitive to the background knowledge, interests, and learning styles of the students. He breaks down solution methods into simply steps. He also has a strong background in math prep work for the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, ISEE, and SSAT. John genuinely loves to teach math and truly cares about his students.

John and his wife, Rosanne, have three children. His interests include coaching youth sports, home remodeling and repair, and fishing.

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Rick: Prep for all major standardized tests (SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, etc.); essay writing in all subjects (including personal essays for college and private-school admission); academic help and AP test prep in English Lit, Latin, French and history (World, European, American)

rick_tutorRick is a very active tutor for middle- and high-school students in Westchester County and Fairfield County. He takes great pleasure in helping to maximize test scores, improve grades and build academic confidence.

Rick earned his Ph.D. at Princeton in Classics & Philosophy, and then taught for many years at Princeton and the University of Texas at Austin. Canadian by birth, he did his undergraduate work at the University of Toronto, where he won the Governor General's Medal for the highest GPA in any field of study (4.3).

Rick's career reflects the many talents of a "Renaissance man." He has published widely on mythology, literature, philosophy and film, and lectures regularly on movies at Lincoln Center and SUNY Purchase as well as in Philadelphia, Boston and New Haven. He's also a composer, songwriter and music producer who has recently completed a rock musical inspired by Dante's Inferno.

Drawing on this wide range of knowledge and experience, Rick guides his students toward superior performance by establishing a strong personal rapport, generating enthusiasm and encouraging pride in accomplishment. He specializes in developing writing skills, from essay structure, style and fluency to the nuts-and-bolts of grammar and syntax. His years of creative and business experience add an engaging real-world perspective to his tutoring style.

Rick has two daughters, both of whom are pursuing doctorates; one in sociology at NYU and the other in comparative literature at CUNY.

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Beth: Spanish

My Tutor and Me is excited to welcome back Beth after a hiatus of several years to further her studies, and to expand in her profession. This she has done, and is still going strong!

Beth received her Masters degree in teaching Spanish as a second language from the University of Granada in Spain and second Masters Degree from the University of Salamanca. She is certified 7-12 in Connecticut and has teaching experience with all ages both internationally and locally. Beth's teaching background includes instruction in Spanish, English as a Second Language (ESL), and piano.

Beth, a "Tutora y profesora", enjoys working with all ages as a private tutor and group instructor. She knows what it takes to learn Spanish as a second language and is enthusiastic about teaching this to her students: different dialects, idiomatic expressions, slang, authentic pronunciation, anecdotes from her travels to Spain, Mexico and Nicaragua, and everything about Spanish and Latin American music– since music is her other forte.

Since her love for Spanish and music are inherently fused, she was especially honored to present her Master's research on incorporating music in the Spanish language classroom in 2012 at the National Convention for ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), with and audience of approximately one hundred professional teachers from all over the United States.

In late 2009, Beth founded a Spanish conversation club for adults with the goal of providing them with an opportunity to practice and build on the basics, not realizing that the Spanish-speaking community in Fairfield county and beyond would comprise half of the members. The club continues to grow with about 400 members participating in conversation meetings, book discussions, movie nights, English practice for Latinos, and planning the first international trip for the summer of 2014.

Beth currently teaches both high school and college. She looks forward to working with you as your tutor.

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Annikki: Elementary & Middle School, Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Study & Organizational Skills

elementary and middle school tutorAnnikki, who is state-certified in Connecticut and New York, currently teaches 4th grade at a public school in lower Fairfield County; and has taught 3rd, 5th and 6th grades, with experience in private, public as well as “gifted” schools. Annikki received her Masters in Science & Teaching in Childhood Education (Curriculum and Teaching) at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education with a 3.9/4.0GPA. She also earned advanced K-12 certification in Gifted Education from Hunter College with a 4.0 GPA, and a double-major Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Hispanic Studies at Scripps College, in addition to having studied at the University of Sevilla, in Spain (all coursework in Spanish). Annikki also presented at the National Conference for Gifted Children on how to implement National History Day in the general Social Studies curriculum.

In her current position, Annikki teaches math using the Everyday Math curriculum in addition to problem solving, while adapting lessons to address different learning styles, including appropriate modifications for students with special needs. For reading and writing, Annikki employs a balanced literacy approach, including word study, guided reading, and a Reading & Writing Workshop, chunking text and providing visual aides for students with special needs. She has also instructed in interdisciplinary units on combining folktales, adaptations and natural selection as well as history, climate, and geography.

Annikki is well-versed in working with students who have varied and unique learning styles in Reading, Writing, Math and Social Studies from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Her professed goal is “to instill both a sense of wonder and enjoyment of learning in [her] students, while building their self-esteem."

Apart from teaching and tutoring, Annikki has volunteered at the Bronx Children's Psychiatric Center at a public school, where she worked with an in-patient population of adolescent students. And, for pure pleasure and relaxation, Annikki rewards herself with cooking, spinning, Yoga, hiking, and reading.

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Gretchen: French, Economics


Gretchen tutored for the first time during a college semester abroad in Dijon, France. She met a local family who wanted their two young girls to learn English. Gretchen thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was amazed at how quickly the children could pick up new language skills. Gretchen is a graduate of Colgate University, where she received her BA in French and Economics. She graduated summa cum laude and received the Award for Excellence in French Studies for consistently outstanding performance in French. After college, Gretchen worked in consulting and online marketing for several years. During this time, she continued her study of French through both group and private lessons.

After spending several years at home with her children, Gretchen is now a student in Fairfield University's Secondary Education Master's program with a focus on World Languages. She is looking forward to the challenges the program will bring and to getting her teaching certification.

French has always been one of Gretchen's passions, and she really enjoys being able to spend so much time helping others learn more about the French language and culture.

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Lindsey: Special Education, Social Studies, English, Writing/Reading Comprehension, Study and Organizational skills, NYS Regents/RCT Prep

Lindsey is certified in NY and CT and brings a wealth of knowledge with her. In both states, she is dual certified in Social Studies and Special Education. Having recently completed her Masters in Special Education, she has relocated from Long Island to lower Fairfield County, CT to begin her teaching career. Currently, she is working in a high school-based intensive support program for Special Education students. She is teaching English, Creative and Expository Writing and Human Resources. She also works with students one-on-one in resource room. Previously, she worked in a special education program that services students with a range of disabilities. She has worked with students whom have behavioral and emotional issues, Aspergers Syndrome and learning disabilities. She has tutored for Social Studies, English, Regents and RCT prep, general writing assistance and study/organizational skills.

A Special Ed. and Social Studies teacher colleague of Lindsey’s in early 2007 writes that her “…professionalism, content knowledge, interaction with students and enthusiasm ranks her among the best student teachers we have worked with…” She adds, our students "...display a variety of academic and social needs. [Lindsey] has demonstrated a strong sense of insight into our student's individual personalities and needs, and has successfully helped to create an environment conducive to self-growth, academic achievement and safety.”   And, another colleague states that “…students clearly connected to [Lindsey’s] balance of genuine enthusiasm and substantial subject knowledge."

Lindsey is a member of the Council for Exceptional Children and Kappa Delta Pi.

In her free time, Lindsey enjoys skiing, traveling and curling up with a good book!

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Xiomara: Spanish, French and ABA

spanish tutor, french tutor, ABA tutorXiomara is a native Spanish-speaking teacher with Connecticut certification in high school Spanish and French. Currently a Spanish teacher for 6th, 7th and 8th grades, Xiomara's Spanish and French teaching experience has included all age and ability levels, elementary through college.

In addition to offering language studies, Xiomara is also trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with over ten years experience working with autistic children. Xiomara earned her Masters in Secondary Education, her Bachelors in Psychology, and is in the process of completing her Certificate of Advanced Studies, all at Fairfield University.

Since joining My Tutor and Me in 2004, the families who Xiomara has worked with have all expressed their utmost pleasure with Xiomara as a skilled, dedicated and caring teacher. Xiomara is an avid fan of the fine arts, a lover of music, and happily married.

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Michele: Special Education, NY Regents and RCT Prep, High School (Global Studies, American History/Government, English, Basic Math)

special ed tutorMichele is a highly experienced and versatile teacher in Special Education. She has served as Chairperson on the Committee of Special Education in her Westchester County school district in addition to being a case manager. Michele employs a variety of original and research-based methods in her work with students, including multi-sensory approaches when the situation calls for it. She has also taught high school level Global Studies, American History & Government, and English, plus prepares students for portions of the New York Regents exams and RCTs.

Michele earned her Masters from New York University in Learning Disabilities and Bachelor of Education from the University of Miami in Special and Elementary education, in addition to having completed twenty-four credits in Administration.

A Darien client of MTAM describes Michele as one with "patience and personality" who "presents material in an amusing and understandable manner."

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Hector: Spanish, ESL

spanish tutor, ESL tutorHector is a highly skilled and experienced native-speaking teacher of Spanish and of English as a Second Language (ESL). Hector has been in his current position at a prestigious independent school in Fairfield County since 1999, where he designed and implemented its lower school’s Spanish program and curriculum. He has taught or tutored all levels of Spanish from beginning through Honors and Advanced Placement.

Hector’s background also encompasses Spanish and ESL teaching positions at the college level, in addition to training business men and women at large corporations from the U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Mexico and Chile, including at the U.S. and British embassies in Mexico City. He continues to improve his own skills by attending courses and workshops at several colleges, and is a member of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

Hector joined My Tutor and Me in 2004, and he has consistently earned the highest compliments and praise from the families he has worked with. He is a skilled, dedicated and caring teacher.

Akin to his profession as a teacher of languages, Hector has a passion for the study of etymology and lexicography. He also enjoys music, squash, tennis, basketball, soccer and hiking.

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Cheng: Latin, Classical Greek, Mandarin Chinese thru HS Senior; Writing, SAT, SAT II (Latin, Math IC & IIC, Chem, Bio, Physics), HS Math through AP Calc BC; Statistics; Bio; Chemistry; Physics C; US History; World History; Latin (Vergil).

math tutoring, science tutoring, english tutoring, history tutor, world languages tutorCheng was born in Beijing, China, and has been tutoring privately for 7 years. She was educated at Middlebury College and Columbia University where she majored in Classics but studied a blend of languages, literature, and social justice issues. She joined My Tutor and Me in 2005.

Her tutoring experience has spanned a wide array of subject matters and needs, from cultivating bilingualism in a preschooler to designing and teaching an original SAT curriculum to a class full of high school juniors out of a kitchen (in which each student improved at least 140 points and the most-improved increased by almost 400 points!). She is passionate about teaching the logic underlying languages and accurate linguistic usage, especially in the contexts of Latin and SAT preparation. She also has a fondness for teaching AP subjects, having taken 9 AP Tests herself as a high school student.

Cheng lives in New York and is also working on an ongoing labor rights project, learning to dance ballet, and attempting to cook her own food.

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Corri: Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trig, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, Basic PC Skills

matht tutor, algebra tutor, geometry tutor, trig tutor, pre-calculus tutor, statistics tutor, pc tutorCorri is a Connecticut-certified high school math teacher who offers her outstanding tutoring skills and passion for mathematics to students in the upper Fairfield County/New Haven County areas. Due to complete her Masters in Education at Sacred Heart University near the end of 2007, Corri has maintained 4.0 GPA in the program to date. Her department chairperson, who has known Corri for five years, praises Corri’s innate talent saying that she has “on numerous occasions demonstrated her ability of explaining difficult concepts in terms readily understood by the students” and describes her as “intelligent, diligent and conscientious.” Corri herself states, “I love to show students that they REALLY will use math in their everyday lives.” Corri, as a high school student, graduated with high honors (3.8 GPA) as a member of the National Honor Society.

As an intern at a New Haven County high school, Corri’s exceptional skills were immediately recognized by the school staff and administration, and she was quickly moved into long-term status to teach five Algebra I and II courses, both honors and standard, and became a favorite among her students. Also highly proficient in computer applications, Corri is available to instruct in the basic use of Microsoft programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, as well as Macromedia Flash and other video editing software. Corri is a strong advocate for advancing computer literacy to her students in practice and preaching, always reminding them of technology’s inevitably increasing role in their futures.

Another serious pursuit of Corri’s is her activities in search for a cure for diabetes, as her young daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Corri has a strong and much deserved recreational aspect to her life as well, which includes skiing in Vermont, swimming, camping, watching movies, and using computers.

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Irene: Middle/Upper School English/Language Arts

english tutor, language arts tutorIrene is a Connecticut state-certified English/Language Arts teacher for grades 7-12. Irene earned her Masters in English Education from New York University, and graduated, also from NYU, with a B.S. in English and American Literature. Although an English major, she also studied calculus and the sciences to prepare for a career in veterinary medicine. It was after serving with the Literacy Volunteers of America, where she tutored two recently immigrated women from Columbia, that teaching in reading and writing as a Language Arts educator surfaced as her true passion.

Her pedagogical philosophy is based upon students being active learners. She believes that students need to take charge of their own learning, and to do so they must be thoroughly engaged in the material. In her current Fairfield County seventh grade English classroom, Irene has developed a curriculum to engage all students. She includes activities that reach students of all levels and learning styles (whether kinesthetic, spatial. logical, etc.), to ensure that each student is successful in his or her endeavors. Writing is of utmost importance in her classroom. She believes every student can write well with enough effort and proper instruction.

Irene is a new mom who enjoys spending time with her daughter, husband, two cats and dog.

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Meghann: Elementary Education, Middle School Mathematics

middle school tutor, elementary school tutorA 2001 graduate of Fordham University, Meghann has been teaching both 2nd and 3rd grades from the time of her graduation. During this time, she earned her Masters Degree in Elementary Education (3.9 GPA) as part of the NYC Teaching Fellows Program at Lehman College, and was granted her New York State teachers certification.

Meghann takes a “balanced literacy” approach to reading and writing, and is experienced in administering the Developmental Reading Assessment and the Early Childhood Literacy Assessment System. In math, she has worked with both the Scott Foresman and Everyday Mathematics curricula. For the younger set, Meghann engages the children in stimulating mathematical games to reinforce their learning of basic math concepts. She also adapts lessons for students who are learning English as a second language and for students with special learning needs. As a 3rd grade teacher, Meghann prepared her students for the NY State English Language Arts exam and the NY State Mathematics exam. ALL of her students succeeded in passing both exams. Meghann is currently a teacher of 7th grade mathematics where she focuses on ingraining a solid understanding of the basics of Algebra. She brings the subject to life by engaging her students in relevant, meaningful discussions of mathematics.

A colleague writes that Meghann is “an incredibly motivated learner, a dedicated teacher and a genuinely wonderful person…whose love of teaching is evident in her success as a teacher and in the motivation of her students.”

Adding to her talent as a teacher and tutor, Meghann is also an avid Irish step dancer and one who enjoys the pure pleasure of knitting.

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Jay L: Physics, Chemistry, Math

physics tutor, chemistry tutor, math tutorJay is a retired U.S. Navy Commander who spent his naval career in the nuclear submarine fleet. Having graduated 3rd in his class, Jay received his Bachelors in Engineering in Electrical Engineering from State University of New York Maritime College. He then went on to earn his Masters in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College.

Transitioning his strong technical background and leadership skills to the education field, Jay earned his teaching certification in high school Physics from the University of Connecticut, and is currently a high school teacher in Fairfield County. In addition to all levels of Physics, Jay’s experience also includes teaching courses in Government, Civics, Chemistry and Math. Jay has been a highly successful tutor with My Tutor and Me since April 2005, in addition to having tutored homebound students through his school’s district.

Neither willing nor able to leave the salt water behind (having been a competitive sailor since age 10), Jay is into his 17th year as a sailing instructor for students of all ages and boats of all types, now as a summertime sailing director in Fairfield County.

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Bonnie: Middle School: Biology; Earth, Physical, Life & General Sciences; Algebra, Geometry; Study and Organizational Skills

middle school tutor, biology tutor, earth science tutor, physical tutor, geometry tutor, algebra tutorBonnie earned her Masters in Education from Harvard University and Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. NYS certified in Biology and General Science, Bonnie taught Science for a total of seven years in both public and private school systems. She has taught Biology, Earth, Physical, Life and General Science, and has worked with students ranging in age from Pre-K to 12th grade. Bonnie has also had tremendous success at tutoring students in Algebra and Geometry.

In addition to teaching her specific subject areas, Bonnie enjoys working as a general "homework coach." She understands that every person learns differently, and does her best to get to know her students individually and present the information according to each child’s learning style.

As a mom she knows how much you care about your child’s education. She also acknowledges how tough it can be to battle with your kids over homework. Take the stress out of homework time and let Bonnie help organize and motivate your child.

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Michael: Math: High School and College Level (including Calculus, Discrete Math, Mathematical Thinking,

calculus tutorMichael is a highly energetic and enthusiastic professional in the instruction of mathematics at all levels. Having earned his Ph.D. at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU and his B.S. in Mathematics at MIT, Michael has been teaching at the college and high school levels for several years. His resume includes teaching undergraduate courses at NYU in Discrete Math, Elementary Calculus, and Mathematical Thinking. He is an Adjunct Asst. Prof. of Mathematics at Brooklyn College of CUNY where he has taught Elementaryt Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Theory of Interest, and Mathematical Thinking. He taught a course in bond math and elementary options theory when he was at Merrill Lynch.

The use of calculators when appropriate is an enormous aid in the visualization of functions, and in computation. He has also encoouraged the use of the Grapher application for those of my students on whose laptops the application is installed. However, Michael firmly believes that "the use of calculators by students before they have mastered arithmetic is the same as...forcing a student to study art history without looking at any pictures.”

He is in the final stages of the publication of a brief book, “Arithmetic for the Badly Taught”.

A resident of Fairfield County, Michael covers a lot of ground between southwest Connecticut and New York City, and has been working one-on-one with students from high school through college with My Tutor and Me since January 2003.

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Michline: Special Education

Michline has been a Special Education teacher at a lower Fairfield County elementary school since 2003, and has previously worked with special needs children from birth through 21 years in an array of demanding situations for several Connecticut schools and organizations.

Dual Connecticut-certified in Special Ed from K-12 and Birth to Kindergarten, Michline is also trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Picture Exchange Communications System (PECS), among other behavioral interventions. She earned her Masters of Education in Early Childhood from Southern Connecticut State University and her 6th year degree in Special Education from Fairfield University. Michline graduated with her BA in Psychology and a Special Ed minor from Southern Connecticut as a Deans List student.

Realizing the importance of balance in one’s life, Michline is also a dedicated practitioner of Yoga.

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Karen: (Summers Only) Elementary-High School Education, Language Arts, Reading Comprehension, Study & Organizational Skills, College Entrance Essay Writing
Special Area: Art Tutoring

language arts tutor, reading comprehension tutor, writing tutor, sat tutor, art ed tutorKaren earned her Master's in Elementary and Art Education from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA, followed by a BFA in Ceramics, State University of New York. She received her Bachelors at Bennington College in Bennington, VT. After completing her Masters work at Lesley, Karen served as an Academic Advisor and writing tutor for Lesley's Education and Special Education graduate students.

Karen has been a special education teacher for middle and high school students since 2008 at a well-known private schooll in Norwalk, Connecticut. A component of the school's program is teaching students one-to one, overseeing each complete academic program and maintaining weekly communication with parents.

Her skills include teaching strategies for reading comprehension, writing and study skills at all levels.

Adding to Karen's expertise in traditional academics, she is an experienced, certified instructor of art and art history.

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an approach used widely in elementary education that improves academic results while also fostering healthy social skills and behaviors
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