Why Clients Choose Us?

“It’s time for our younger son to sign up for SAT Prep. Two years ago, our older son worked with Cathy to boost his SAT math score. Studying with Cathy was always a pleasure and improvement was shown. At the time, the intent was to improve scores to increase his options of college choice. Scott has just finished his freshman year at Union, the college he chose from several acceptances from Bates, Trinity, Lafayette, and others.
SAT Prep turned out to provide much more than ‘options.’ After Scott notified Union that he would attend, he received a letter notifying him that he was a Union Presidential Scholar, in part because of his SAT scores. He is receiving a total of $48,000, over four years, as a merit scholarship. It turns out that his higher math score pushed him into merit scholarship territory. What an amazing return on investment!I look forward to working with you again.”
Stamford, CT

“Shannon Converse has worked with our ten-year-old son on and off over the last four years. We hired her to help our son with writing (organizing thoughts and getting them on paper). His writing has improved dramatically. We have Shannon come back for refresher sessions annually. Our son enjoys working with her.
Shannon’s education and training enable her to customize a learning program that worked for our son. She corresponds with his teachers to ensure consistency at home and school. She is very organized, methodical, and creative in her approach to teaching. She keeps parents informed and provides written feedback after every session.
Shannon provides great value and is reasonably priced. She is always punctual. Our son has never complained about working with Shannon!”
Darien, CT

“The tutors that Shannon and Fred have on staff are top notch and have never disappointed us. We have been very pleased with the results, and they are always available to help with unique situations that have arisen. I have never been disappointed.”
Eastchester, NY

“I’d just like to thank you again for all the help you provided me with as a tutor. This week I had midterms and most of them required me to write an essay within 50 minutes!! Thanks to the essay structuring skills I learned from you, I got through the essays with little anxiety. Furthermore, I’m expecting for all of them (4 in total) to be returned to me with either an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade!!! Yippee for me!!”
Cambridge, MA – College Senior, University of Massachusetts

“We can’t praise our tutor enough! As the year is drawing-to-a-close, my son found that the teacher was racing along, and he was missing details on how to approach and solve the problems. Our tutor confirmed that the material is very challenging, yet he has been able to clarify the material in a way my son understands — his grades on the (2) tests since the tutoring began have been fabulous!”
Westport, CT

“Just wanted to share the news. Christie reports that her math paragraph on tax rates got rave reviews from the teacher to the point where he singled it out to read to the class! She got a check+ and he told her how impressed he was with her progress. Our parent/teacher conferences last week were a success, too. …The math teacher stated that in his tenure at the school, he’d never seen a student turn around as fast and positively as Christie and called her a huge success story! 
Fairfield, CT

“Thank you for such a quick turnaround. During this hectic season it is very much appreciated and acknowledged that you really went out of your way to make this work…”
Bronxville, NY

“Shannon is working out nicely as a tutor for my daughter. He has a nice quiet way about him which calms her and gives her time to think and then realize that she is indeed ‘smart’ enough to grasp even the most difficult concepts. She is feeling more confident that she ‘knows this stuff.'”
Stamford, CT

“I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate Michelle. She is outstanding a person and as she is a teacher. She always has Theresa’s best interest in mind and Michelle can read her like a book!”
Milford, CT

“Our son very much looks forward to his sessions with his MTAM tutor. Their sessions are not frustration-free, but his tutor is able to rein him in until he ‘gets it.’ She is very patient with him, and we would like to continue the sessions through the summer.”
Armonk, NY

“I want to thank you for a wonderful year of math enrichment for my daughter. Her tutor has been most encouraging, and my daughter’s progress has been excellent; she’s even covered some 9th grade concepts in 5th grade, and is more than confident about her ability to handle middle school math. An additional, unexpected bonus is the complete diffusion of ‘math tension’ at home, both in homework and test prep…”
Westport, CT

“Just wanted to drop you both a note of thanks for Megan’s very capable tutoring this spring. Meredyth was quoting Megan frequently leading up to the SAT, and said she felt especially prepared thanks to her help and encouragement. I think, attitude and strategy are a big part of success in the SAT, so my thanks to you for helping her achieve that important confidence. [She] scored 670 each on the math and verbal and 800 (!) on the writing. I know your help demystified the tests for her.”
Lenox, MA

“Will needed help in math. I felt personal tutoring would be most effective for him. [His tutor] Don has been really wonderful. They have developed a personal relationship that has benefited Will. His grades are now solid B+s! You guys have been so nice to us! Thank you for all the help and concern you have shown us!”
 Darien, CT

“I have used their tutoring services a number of times over the past year for my son Joshua. The tutors sent to me were knowledgeable about their subjects. If there was an issue it was taken care of quickly and seamlessly. I would recommend My Tutor & Me to anyone who asked.”
Norwalk, CT