Top Scoring Instructors, Decades of Teaching Experience and Rigorous Prep Exercises is our Formula for Score Improvement

Solid preparation for school entrance exams can have a strong impact on admission success. My Tutor and Me has an over twenty-year track-record of helping students improve scores and gain admissions into good schools. The key to score increases is a combination of student commitment and correct instruction. We achieve this combination through employing best practices and by micromanaging students’ independent study time to ensure they are doing their part


We Instruct The Full Spectrum of Tests


We prepare students for entrance exams into private day schools, boarding schools and specialized high schools. Our instructors have decades of experience prepping students for the SSAT and ISEE tests as well as the New York City Specialized High Schools exam and the Bergen County Academies exam


Our instructors achieved top SAT and ACT scores and attended elite colleges. They instill in students their standards for success on standardized tests, including an emphasis on quality in individual studying. With a rigorous but individualized approach we help improve scores and build confidence


Our MCAT, LSAT and GRE instructors scored in the top one percentile in the country. Using the best available resources and a rigorous approach that homes in on individual weaknesses, we have helped many students earn top scores and gain admissions into medical school, law school and other graduate programs

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Every situation is unique, and every student has their own style of learning. We are interested in hearing from you regarding how we can best help your son or daughter achieve their goals