Top Scoring Instructors, Decades of Teaching Experience and Rigorous Prep Exercises is our Formula for Score Improvement

Entrance exams are a critical part of the admissions process to any school. Whether your child is applying to boarding school, college or a graduate program, My Tutor and Me tutors are top one percentile scorers in the exams they instruct many of whom have decades of teaching experience. Beginning preparation in advance and continuing practice daily is the best approach to improving an exam score. My Tutor and Me helps students not only to learn exam content but structure study their individual time to maximize scores

Individual Study Time + Quality Instruction = Score Improvement

We Prep Students for Exams at All Levels


We work with middle school and high school students preparing to enter private day schools, boarding schools and specialized high schools. Our instructors have decades of experience prepping students for the SSAT and ISEE tests, the New York City Specialized High Schools exam and the Bergen County Academies entrance exam


Our SAT and ACT instructors are top one-percent scores and themselves graduates of elite colleges. In addition to offering quality instruction, we work with students to develop study habits shared by all top scoring students. With a rigorous and individualized approach, we have helped many college-bound students reach their goals


We have a talent for homing in on and improving students’ individual weak areas on the most rigorous of exams. Our instructors for the MCAT, LSAT and GRE have a deep knowledge of the exam content and work with students to fill in knowledge gaps through both quality instruction and detailed study guides that reinforce individual lessons

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Every situation is unique and every student has their own style of learning. We are interested in knowing more about how we can best help your son or daughter in their academic journey