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SAT and ACT tests remain important for college admissions

Most US colleges no longer officially require SAT and ACT scores. However, high-scorers remain preferred as candidates. Therefore, college-bound students should still see the tests as a requirement and prepare accordingly.

Why you should take the ACT and SAT

The tests remain the best predictor of success in college. As a result, the tests will still be actively used by colleges for many years to come regardless of the recent policy changes. Students, who are financially or in other ways disadvantaged, may demonstrate extenuating circumstance to be accepted without ACT or SAT scores. However, strong SAT and ACT scores benefit all students, and there is every reason for test prep to remain a central part for college application success

How to Prepare

Do your best in school: the tests are designed to assess fundamental skills in reading, writing and math taught in all US schools

Begin early: the PSAT 8/9 or preACT 8/9 are shorter versions of the tests designed for middle schoolers to put students on an early study path

Practice regularly: 30 minutes daily studying for six months typically increases SAT scores 150 points and ACT scores 10 points