My Tutor and Me students have gone on to Harvard, Columbia, New York Medical College, Taft, Choate Rosemary Hall and other top schools. In addition to academic tutoring and test prep we also support students in the application process, including helping craft personal statements and supplemental essays that stand out

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For over twenty years, My Tutor and Me instructors have positively impacted thousands of students from elementary school to college. Our goal is to increase scores, improve confidence and help students achieve their admissions goals.

We work with tutors, who not only have outstanding qualifications, but also substantial experience teaching the specific subjects they instruct. Below are examples of some of the positive things that parents have said. If you would like references for a particular instructor or the company in general, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Darien, CT

“Shannon Converse has worked with our ten-year-old son on and off over the last four years. We hired her to help our son with writing (organizing thoughts and getting them on paper). His writing has improved dramatically. We have Shannon come back for refresher sessions annually. Our son enjoys working with her.â€

Greenwich, CT

“Michael was experiencing organizational difficulties, and his guidance counselor suggested My Tutor and Me., which responded very quickly. Jamie related extremely well to Michael – Jamie is very patient. Within a month, we could clearly see a difference in Michael’s organization . . . … a very positive experience.â€

Trumbull, CT

“After just one session with Patricia, my daughter felt as though she had significantly improved her ability to understand concepts that previously seemed impossible. Because of ongoing tutoring through the year, my daughter was able to raise her grade to an A+ for the year overall. This was due entirely to Patricia!”

Norwalk, CT

“Leslie has been just the perfect match for Brian. She praises him in his successes, and provides gentle, but firm encouragement when he doesn’t get something. We have seen a steady growth from the beginning. Although my youngest son is academically talented and driven, we will probably have My Tutor and Me prep him. We are really impressed.â€

Westport, CT

“The reaction to the college application essays that Drew helped Chuck with has been unbelievable. His English teacher, guidance counselor, and a friend who is an editor for [a statewide Connecticut newspaper], not only loved the topics, but loved the way they were developed. We are so grateful for all that Drew has accomplished with Chuck.â€

Larchmont, NY

“My son received an 88 on his pre-calculus mid-term and a 92 for his quarter grade. Thank you Bozidar and Jonathan for your assistance in helping him get through the material. In particular, he scored a 100 on the part of the mid-term which covered material that Jonathan worked with him on. We are very appreciative of all your helpâ€